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Menu C

到會餐單C - 30人份量 -- $2880

Catering Menu C - 30 people


1. 什果沙律

   Mixed fruit salad 


2. XO酱芽菜炒麵

   Bean Sprouts fried noodles with XO sauce


3. 瑶柱带子菜粒炒飯

   Stir-fried rice with scallops and vegetables


4.  芝麻蜜糖雞中翼

   Chicken wings with sesame and honey


5. 匈牙利牛肋條

   Hungary beef ribs


6. 特色小食拼盤(炸蝦 ,越式春卷,蟹餅)

   Snacks platter (fried shrimp, vietnamese spring roll, crab cake)


7. 魚肉燒賣

    Fish roast


8. 芝士焗西蘭花

   Baked Broccoli with Cheese 

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