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Terms & Conditions


This is the rental terms and conditions, referred to herein as “T&C”, your payment of money and/or taking possession of any Dream Party rentals, accessories, equipment or units, referred to herein solely as “Rental Unit(s)”, is evidence of your acceptance of the T&C and your intent to use the Rental Unit(s) received.

1. Renter agrees that the Rental Units have been received in good condition and represents and warrants that it will be returned in the same condition.

2. Renter agrees to supervise both the Rental Units and its use at all times the Rental Units are in the possession of Renter. Renter agrees to follow the directions and safety rules as posted on the website of and verbally given.

3. Renter acknowledges and represents that it has adequate insurance to cover any bodily injury or property damage which might occur to itself, its guests or its invitees from the use of the Rental Units or else Renter agrees to bear the costs of defense and liability of any such injury or damage itself.

4. Renter agrees not to remove the Rental Units from the location on which Dream Party* has assembled or installed it. Renter further agrees not to disassemble or uninstall the Rental Units or to assemble or install the Rental Units.

5. Renter grants Dream Party right to enter event venue for the delivery, pick-up or repossession of the Rental Units. Renter agrees not to loan, sublet or otherwise dispose of the Rental Units.

6. Renter understands and acknowledges that the activity to be engaged in through Dream Party ‘s Rental Units brings with it both known and unanticipated risks that could result in property damage, physical or emotional injury, paralysis, death or other damage or injury to Renter, its guests, its invitees or third parties. Renter understands that such risks simply cannot be eliminated without jeopardizing the essential qualities of the activity. Those risks include, but are not limited to falling, slipping, crashing and colliding.

7. Renter agrees to release, forever discharge and hold harmless Dream Party for any injuries, damages or claims that result from Renter ‘s negligence; including any injuries, claims or damages asserted by Renter's guests, invitees or third parties.

*Dream Party is an advertising name of Dream World (HK) Limited

8. OWNERSHIP: Renter agrees to keep all Rental Unit(s) in his/her custody and not sublease, rent, sell or remove from the delivery location. Renter agrees not to remove, disassemble, or uninstall Rental Unit(s) from its setup location or to install any Rental Unit(s). Renter assumes responsibility for ALL Rental Unit(s) rented from the time of delivery to when Dream Party representative(s) arrive for pick up. Renter agrees to maintain any and all Rental Unit(s) rented in its original condition from the time of delivery, any alterations or attachments will result in additional fees subject to Dream Party discretion. The Renter is required to measure the event venue where the inflatable bouncer will be set-up. A minimum of three (3) feet on each side of the inflatable is required to allow the inflatable to bend and/or move while in use. Adequate space must be available. All measurements for each inflatable bouncer are on the web at

9. RENTAL PERIOD AND PAYMENT: In the event the Rental Unit(s) is/are not returned at the said time, the appropriate hourly rate shall apply that the Renter maintains possession of Rental Unit(s). If the payment is unable to be paid in full at the time of any fee(s) assessed for damage, replacement cost, cleaning, or other fees noted herein this T&C then the Renter has 7 days to submit payment to Dream Party or suit will be filed with the appropriate party for further legal action.
10. DELIVERY/PICK UP: Renter grants Dream Party representatives the right to enter the event venue for the delivery and subsequent pick up or removal of the Unit(s) at the time specified. Dream Party representatives will arrive to pick up any and all Rental Unit(s) at any time after the fulfillment of the party rental service. If a different person arrives for pickup, Renter must first obtain authorization from Dream Party IMMEDIATELY PRIOR to allowing the person to enter event venue and remove Rental Unit(s). Dream Party will strive to accommodate Renter ‘s delivery and pickup request, however, delays and changes in the schedule are sometimes unavoidable and therefore, Dream Party does not guarantee pickup at the specified time. In the event that there should be any change to the pick up time specified, Dream Party representative will notify Renter as soon as possible. Renter assumes responsibility of providing easy leveled access to the set-up location without any obstacles or barriers, which include but are not limited to stairs, sand, or inclines that, will create passage difficulty. The presence of any such obstacles or barriers will result in delivery fees subject to Dream Party ’s discretion. Renter also assumes responsibility of informing Dream Party representatives of any underground utilities that may interfere with staking or anchoring of Dream Party Rental units. Renter agrees not to hold Dream Party and/or Dream Party representatives responsible for any damages to underground utilities during the course of setup or pickup. Renter must be available upon delivery and pickup to account for all Rental Unit(s).

11. CANCELLATION POLICY: Renter agrees to notify Dream Party not less than 14 days of the delivery date of any cancellation or postponement. If Renter cancels any reservation within the 14 days of rental date, in whole or in part, Dream Party has the right to apply any cancellation fee or withhold up to the whole amount due or paid. The party rental service can be postponed under bad weather conditions which is public announced by the Hong Kong Observatory ‘s rainstorm or typhoon warning, for such postponements, any advance payment will be held for the party at a later date. There will be no refund of any advance payment for postponed bookings.

12. DAMAGE WAIVER: This damage waiver is not intended as insurance and only applies to Renter if he/she has purchased it. Renter acknowledges that the damage waiver relieves the Renter of liability for physical damage of Rental Unit(s) from any external cause such as fire, collision, windstorm, riot or any acts of God. Damage waiver does not cover loss and/or damage due to theft, burglary, misuse, intentional damage or any attempt to relocate or modify any Rental Unit(s).

13. CLEANING FEE: If the Rental Units are returned unreasonably dirty (Excessive dirt, sand, debris, animal waste, food, candy, or drinks), the Renter will be charged a cleaning fee appropriate for the condition of the Rental Units. Cleaning fees subject to Dream Party discretion.

14. REPLACEMENT COSTS: If the Rental Unit is found totally damaged by Renter, its guests, its invitees (i.e the major utility and/or function of the Rental Unit has been damaged), the Renter will be charged the full replacement cost of that Rental Unit.

15. Acknowledgment: Renter agrees that if any portion of this T&C is found to be unenforceable, the remaining portion shall remain in full force and effect. Renter acknowledges that sufficient time and opportunity were had to read this entire T&C, and understands its content and is executing it freely, intelligently and without duress of any kind and agrees to be bound by its terms.

Do's & Don'ts

These tips were created to provide helpful information to Renter in an effort to ensure that your party is extraordinary. While we certainly hope that you will use our rental services, these tips can be helpful for whatever service you use.

DO - Ensure that you measure the area where the bounce house will be set up before you reserve it. And don't forget to measure the height also. Most venue and function rooms have low hanging lights  that could block the setting up of the inflatable bouncers.

DON'T - Allow children in any bouncers, playhouses, slides with shoes or any other type of footwear.

DO - Ensure that the rental service cleans their inflatables after each rental with non-toxic cleaning solutions.

DON'T - Allow children in any bouncers with sharp objects on their clothes or in their pockets. Items like pens or belt buckles can cause puncture holes to the inflatable. Putting water on a 'DRY' Slide could cause extreme damage to the bounce and cause additional fees to be applied.

DO - Ensure that the rental service guarantees that they will bring you the right models you ordered.

DON'T - Allow children in any rental units with drinks, candy, gum or lollipops. They could easily choke or poke one another in the eye while jumping and playing.

DO - Ensure that the rental service is professional and provides friendly customer service.

DON'T - Allow pets in the inflatable bouncer. Their nails can permanently damage the bouncer material.

DO - Make sure that you thoroughly read all Terms and Conditions. There are often rules and additional fee information described in the T&C that is very important.

DON'T - Leave children unattended in any inflatable bouncers.

DO - Ensure that door and corridor of the venue are wide enough for the Rental Units to be passed through . Some units weigh well over 200 pounds and lifting them over a fence is out of the question.

DON'T - Choose an area for a bounce house that is more than 50 - 75 feet away from adequate power. Electricity degrades over distance, so to ensure proper inflation, it is critical to remain reasonably close to a power source. If your party is at a park, be sure to ensure that power is available.

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