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Racking your brains over the best entertainment for your kid’s birthday party? Looking for professional entertainers to perform at your kid’s party? What’s better than magic and balloons? Ask any kids and they will probably say that magic is cool and having a magician to perform at their birthday party is one of their top wishes. And Balloons! No child can resist balloons, which work like magic and can always crack a smile on children’s faces. Magic and balloons are kids’ all-time favourites which can spice up the atmosphere of every birthday celebration. So if you want to make your kid’s birthday party more joyful for all the guests, you should definitely consider hiring a professional birthday party magician and balloon master to pull off heart-warming tricks at your kid’s party.


Here at Dream Party, our professional magicians, clowns, bubble artists and balloon masters are experienced performers who will make your party more fun for your kids.

Details of magician service fees are as follows:

*above pricing based on performance in cantonese

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